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EMPOWERTIME Time & Attendance (formerly UNITIME)

Empower Software Solutions provides automated time, attendance, and labor management solutions for small to enterprise organizations in nearly every industry. EmpowerTime is used in manufacturing, healthcare, hospitality, financial services, education, transportation, and retail organizations. For years, EmpowerTime has provided simple and logical time management solutions that maximize workforce accountability, improve automation, and streamline labor reporting to help businesses achieve their goals.

EmpowerTime's time and attendance solutions are built around the EmpowerTime Automated Timekeeping Software, data collection applications or devices, and integration modules that exchange employee and labor information with payroll, human resources, and other essential business systems. EmpowerTime's solutions reduce the amount of time needed to prepare data for payroll, minimize payroll errors, improve workforce management, and help track and manage labor expenses.

  EmpowerTime Timekeeping System WebEntry Data Collection Program
  WebAdmin Manager Self-Service> Biometric Time Clocks
  WebESS Employee Self-Service Swipe & Proximity Time Clocks
  Points Manager - Attendance Tracking PDA-Punch - Mobile Data Collection
  Benefits Manager - Time Off Accruals WinPunch Data Collection Program
  Data Integration Modules EmpowerTime Interface to Sage Abra Suite®

EmpowerTime Timekeeping System
The EmpowerTime Timekeeping System is a feature rich, easy-to-use time and attendance system scalable for small to enterprise-sized organizations. EmpowerTime includes thousands of business rule options, employee timecard and scheduling utilities, attendance tracking capabilities, a built in history module, and a full suite of standard time and attendance reports.

EmpowerTime is built on technology such as Microsoft SQL Server and Microsoft .Net. EmpowerTime scales from small organizations to large, multi location organizations. With the flexibility and power of the latest technology, EmpowerTime is adaptable to the needs of almost all organizations.

WebAdmin Manager Self-Service
WebAdmin is an Internet browser-based program that extends the full client functionality of the EmpowerTime Automated Timekeeping System to supervisors and managers at remote facilities. Part of the WebSuite family of browser-based products, WebAdmin is designed to operate through a "thin" connection and may be run across the World Wide Web or corporate Intranet.

WebESS Employee Self-Service
WebESS is an employee self service program. Designed to operate through a standard Internet browser connected to the World Wide Web or corporate Intranet, WebESS gives employees quick access to personal time and attendance reports. These reports reflect a variety of information including punch times, hours worked, allocation of hours, vacation and sick leave balances, and work schedules. With WebESS, employees know what happened and what's going to happen. Employees can access this information without interrupting managers or human resources, leaving everyone with more time to focus on work.

Points Manager - Attendance Tracking
Absenteeism is one of the biggest costs facing today's businesses, and many companies use an absence control system to help minimize these costly disruptions. Points Manager tracks employees' attendance infractions, assigns values to each infraction, and determines penalties according to predefined limits--all within the daily workflow of time and attendance. By reducing and tracking absenteeism, Points Manager helps increase productivity and accountability while minimizing the human time spent monitoring employees' activities.

Benefits Manager - Time Off Accruals
Calculating and tracking employees' paid time off benefits can be a complicated and time consuming process. Benefits Manager calculates employees' benefit accruals and links directly to Unitime to ensure accurate tracking of used benefit hours. By automating the entire benefits process, Benefits Manager gives administrators more time to spend on mission critical tasks.

Data Integration Modules
EmpowerTime Systems is dedicated to developing and supporting integration and interface modules for use with other software. EmpowerTime Systems integrates and interfaces with payroll, human resources, and other critical business systems to create "best of breed" solutions that meet clients' needs without any additional software.

WebEntry Data Collection Program
WebEntry is a data collection and personal reporting program that operates through a standard Internet browser. By taking advantage of the capabilities of popular Web browsers, employers can deploy and maintain low-cost data collection terminals anywhere in the world an Internet connection is available.

Biometric Time Clocks
EmpowerTime's biometric timeclocks
provide one of the most accurate and secure time collection solution available by ensuring that employees must be present in order to record a punch. EmpowerTime offers a variety of models that scans the geometry of an employee hand or finger to verify their identities each time they punch. No fingerprints or palm prints are utilized.

Swipe and Proximity Time Clocks
EmpowerTime offers a variety of badge-based terminals to collect employee's time punches. Badges can be bar coded, magnetic or HID Proximity formats. With proper planning, the same badges used for physical access control systems can be the employee's time badge.

PDA-Punch - Mobile Data Collection
PDA-Punch is a data collection and labor management module that operates on selected PDAs. PDA-Punch allows supervisors or foremen to capture simple in and out punches, complex transfer punches, and pay records for non-worked hours such as days of vacation or personal leave. In addition, all transactions that PDA-Punch can capture may be applied either to individuals or groups of employees. PDA-Punch is easy to use and can go anywhere work needs to be done, making it the ideal data collection solution for employees on the move.

WinPunch Data Collection Program
WinPunch is a computer-based method for collecting employees' punches. Employees simply enter their personal badge numbers to clock in or out right on their own workstations or at a centrally-located computer kiosk. WinPunch is designed for businesses with several networked workstations at a single location.

EmpowerTime interface to Sage Abra Suite®
Sage Abra offers a comprehensive suite of programs to manage human resources effectively and efficiently. This includes payroll processing, recruiting, training, and benefits administration. The EmpowerTime Automated Timekeeping System is fully integrated with Sage Abra Suite®.


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