Month: August 2017

Nonprofit leaders are seeing how enterprise-level tech can amplify social impact. See how creative financing can make world-class tech affordable.   Non-profit organizations around the world often have a love-hate relationship with technology.

Dropbox’s New Mobile Two-Factor Authentication Is a Step in The Right Direction—Or Is It? Cybersecurity is a massive concern in today’s world of hackers and malware—And cloud-based storage platforms are certainly not immune to attack. While two-factor authentication is prevalent in a variety of spaces, Dropbox only recently rolled out an update to their mobile […]

Technology should never be “just okay” — it’s a key factor in the success of your business. Why focus on the status quo when you could be supercharging growth?   If you had an opportunity to make your organization 25-50% more efficient, would you take it or simply say “Nah, no need.

With Windows, You Can Forget Flying with Your Laptop.   Flying is tough enough without having to lug your laptop onboard with you. Windows to Go can help you lighten your load!

Just because you know that an email is a phishing attempt, doesn’t make it safe for you to play along. Discover the dangers of engaging scammers online.   Most of us find phishing emails in our inbox each month—Some of them are so outrageous that they make us laugh out loud.

Deliver virtual apps, desktops and data to any device securely.

The Presidents have a lot of lessons to teach about PR and branding. Here are some of our favorite historical examples. U.

You spend a lot of time commuting—Don’t let this time go to waste! Skype and BMW want to help you be more productive while driving.   How much time do you spend behind the wheel each year?

To say that cyberattacks are dangerous to the health and success of a small business is something of an understatement. According to one study, an incredible 60% of all small businesses close their doors within just six months of a successful cyberattack taking place. The attack itself can cause an initial shock, but the consequences of […]

The Prevalence of Cybercrime Cybercrime is the fastest growing economic crime throughout the world, with countries such as the US and UK seeing double-digit growth every year. Preventing criminals from taking control of your digital assets is essential. This requires diligent risk assessments, robust compliance policies, and standardized procedures designed to limit the potential of […]