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Uber Investigating Security Breach After Hacker Gains Access to Internal Databases Key Points Uber announced a security breach last Thursday evening in response to a report from The New York Times. The breach was carried out by an unknown hacker, who made their presence known in a message sent to Uber’s employees over Slack. The […]

Cybersecurity Insurance: Will Your Claim Be Denied? Key Points: Cybersecurity insurance is an important tool to help protect businesses from the financial costs of a data breach. Still, it’s important to understand your policy’s limitations and ensure you have the right coverage.

iOS 16 Is Finally Here: What Should You Know? Key Points After months of anticipation, iOS 16 is finally here! If you’re using an iPhone 8 or later, you can update to the newest version of iOS right now.

How Do Phishing Scams Work? You may have heard of the term “phishing,” but you may not be completely aware. If you operate a business or even conduct any kind of transactions online – which represents the majority of people – you may be susceptible to a phishing attack.

10 Best Practices for Working Remotely Key Points: Working remotely is not going anywhere and will become increasingly popular as time goes on. It is important to know the potential security risks when working remotely and take steps to mitigate those risks. Maintaining a secure remote working environment begins with the right tools and processes.

What Is Microsoft Purview? The Ultimate Guide to Data Governance Key Points: Microsoft Purview is a cloud-based data governance tool that helps organizations manage and govern their data. Purview provides a central repository for data assets and role-based access control to manage who can see and use what data.

Benefits Of Windows 365 For Small And Large Businesses KEY POINTS FROM THE ARTICLE: Windows 365 is a cloud-based PC that uses a subscription model to help organizations cost-effectively scale operations. Windows 365 offers businesses top-tier end-user experience, easy IT administration, seamless health and performance monitoring, reliable security, and compliance with US and international regulations. […]

How Microsoft Sentinel Uses Threat Intelligence to Stay Ahead of Cybersecurity Key Points: Cyberattacks are becoming more sophisticated and widespread, making data your best friend Data analytics is critical for security, but it’s only part of the puzzle – people and processes are also important Threat Intelligence continues to be a top priority for organizations, […]

The Parent’s Guide to Internet Safety Do you remember when families shared one desktop computer in the living room? Today, a computer in the living room is supplemented by tablets in the kitchen, video games in the bedroom, and smartphones in everyone’s pocket. Thanks to the emergence of universal high-speed internet access and affordable mobile […]

What Is Smishing? Phishing attacks have been on the rise recently, as criminals increasingly target unsuspecting victims through email and other online platforms. A new phishing attack is emerging using mobile phones as the platform.