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  1. My IT is Compliant, So I Guess That Means It’s Secure, Right?

    Short answer? No. Despite what you may have been led to believe, there’s a big difference between compliance and security.

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  2. Win The Internet (For Free!) with Google

    The Internet of Things – and of course, the Internet –has created an endless network of connectivity. Consumers have embraced living in a digital world, and all the ways the Internet makes day-to-day life easier. Is there one single piece of information you wish you knew about your customers that just evades you?

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  3. Has Microsoft Won The War?

    In the Professional Productivity Wars, Microsoft is the reigning victor, but that wasn’t always the case. The 1980’s were a crazy time. MC Hammer wore baggy pants that became a major trend, Madonna wore the equivalent of metallic traffic cones as a top, and Michael Jackson walked forward and backward at the same time.

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