Do You Know if Your Data is Secure?

Cybersercurity and Protection

Cybersecurity security and protection is a critical, but often slighted aspect of IT operations. Many networks have security issues and vulnerabilities, do you know what yours are? Can you afford the loss of data, the loss of productivity or damage to your company’s image because of a computer virus attack, a hardware failure or the destructive actions of an employee or outside hacker?

Securing and protecting your network, data, and applications is more than just an installed firewall and a virus scanner. Here are some of the areas involved in a complete security and protection strategy for your organization:

  • Comprehensive backups and retention strategy. This may involve both local backups with those being rotated off site in an organized procedure as well as backup over the Internet to a remote location. This can be part of a comprehensive disaster recovery strategy for your organization.
  • Establishing and enforcing specific locations for document storage. In particular circumstances, implementation of a formal document management system may be advisable.
  • Server imaging and redundant drives so that data loss will not normally occur with the loss of a single hard drive.
  • Laptops and other portable data storage devices such as flash drives. These devices allow you to take data with you, but what if it is lost or stolen? What would be the damage be to your organization and you? Many devices can either be configured with encryption or purchased with that option.
  • Wireless Access Points (WAP) are wonderful, freeing you from a cable connection. Unfortunately, the default set up on many WAPs is little or no security. In this case your competitor or a hacker can potentially drive by and access your network without you knowing until too late.
  • Up to date software patches on computer systems as well as multiple levels of antivirus, antispam, and malware protection.

The list above is only a selected sample of what is involved in a comprehensive security and protection package for a network. Why it may seem overwhelming and unnecessary, ask yourself one question: What would happen to my organization if the data on the network was lost or stolen? Unfortunately, there are criminal hackers that specialize in attacking the networks of smaller organizations. They do this because smaller organizations sometimes have a false sense of “we are too small, we are not a target” until too late.

The good news is that Access Systems can be your guide through the maze of security and protection options available. Our certified IT professionals can audit your network system for vulnerabilities and come up with options to assist in securing and protecting your network.

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