What is Managed IT Services and How Can It Help My Knoxville Business?


ASI takes the intelligent approach to network design and support. While we have templates and preferred products, we never let that get in the way of the best solution for clients. Our network engineers have years of independent field support experience. This allows them to take your current network, their experience, and our templates to come up with a total solution plan fitted to your organization instead of forcing you to fit a predefined and limited model template.

In our opinion, organizations are too diverse and the technology area too broad to have a fixed menu of options. For example, for some organizations, ASI is the IT staff. For other organizations, ASI is a resource for the on site IT staff.

We encourage our staff to seek help when they need it and strongly discourage the “know it alls”. If the client needs a skill set not available in the ASI staff, we work with a wide variety of other resources to bring you a total solution while managing the overall effort for you.

ASI brings flexibility, experience, and in some cases out of the box thinking together to craft a solution that is unique to your organization that takes into account your present operating environment and future plans. We handle the complexity of network technology so you can concentrate on operating your organization and reaping the benefits of technology.

This Family is a group of solutions offered by ASI to its clients. They include:

  • AccessSmartWatch – Remote Network Monitoring and Alerts
  • AccessSmartGuard – Intelligent Managed Servicessm
  • AccessSmartBack – Data Backup to Remote Location

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Network security and protection is a critical, but often slighted aspect of IT operations. Many networks have security issues and vulnerabilities. Do you know what yours are? Read more

Network engineering is a core competency of Access Systems, Inc. Our broadly certified network engineers posses the skill sets and experience to provide you with the secure and reliable networking environment you need to run your organization successfully. Read more

One of the key emerging technologies today is computer virtualization. This is the ability to run multiple virtual computers on 1 physical computer. Read more

With a full implementation of virtualization technology, a storage solution becomes critical. This allows data or disk storage to be independent of the virtual computer, so no matter where the virtual computer resides, it can access the data on the storage device such as a SAN (Storage Area Network) or a NAS (Network Attached Storage).

Even for non virtualized environments, a storage solution may be advisable in cases where large amounts of data are kept on the network and/or the data is replicated automatically to a storage solution at a remote site for disaster recovery.

ASI is an authorized reseller for HP and Cisco storage solutions.

Access Systems is experienced in configuring and maintaining remote access solutions including:

  • VPN secure connection back to the network. If you use a WI-FI hot spot without this, you are exposing your data to whoever is listening in. Think of WI-FI as a party phone line.
  • Microsoft Terminal Services
  • Microsoft Remote Desktop
  • Citrix
  • Smartphone integration with Outlook/Exchange and other Smartphone aware applications.

ASI has access to and experience with a wide variety of hardware and software products that enable our comprehensive solutions approach to your technology and network needs. Read more

As part of a comprehensive technology solution, we offer 100% native VoIP technology Phone Systems that can be integrated into a network or installed as a standalone phone system. Read more