AccessSmartManage Suite

AccessSmartManagesm is a suite of solutions offered by ASI to its clients.

  • AccessSmartWatchsm – A remote monitoring service that allows us and you to monitor the health of your entire network and in many cases take action on emerging problems before they impair the operation of your network. For example, if a server is having memory or disk space problems, we might be able to remedy the situation before it results in a server crash, which is far more disruptive and costly than preventative maintenance, on site or remote.
  • AccessSmartGuardsm – ASI can offer a flexible managed services plan tailored to fit your organization. It can be all inclusive or just cover certain aspects of your network. For example, if you have an IT staff on site, the plan would be different than if you have no on site IT support.
  • AccessSmartBacksm – In addition to the traditional on site backups, ASI offers a remote backup. This backs up your data over the Internet to a remote location not in this geographical area.