General Technology


ASI has access to and experience with a wide variety of hardware and software products that enable us to use our comprehensive solutions approach to your technology and network needs.

Since 1985, ASI has continuously evaluated software and products to bring your organization effective tools that are a good value as well.

Some of our general tools and services include:

  • Network troubleshooting including performance issues
  • Computer and server maintenance and repair
  • New computer, server, and laptop sales
  • Utility and network management software
  • Security and Protection tools
  • Setting up encryption on computers and other devices

Even if a vendor is not one of our core vendors, in many cases we may have experience with that vendor’s products or can maintain it. If a product still has useful life left and it is maintainable, why replace it early? That is just a needless extra expense for no benefit for your organization.

Vendors: HP/Compaq, Cisco