One of the key emerging technologies today is computer virtualization. This is the ability to run multiple virtual computers on one physical computer. These can be servers or personal computer workstations. Because a virtual machine is generally independent of the actual computer hardware, it can be backed up more easily. If another computer is needed for temporary use, fire up another virtual computer without purchasing more computer hardware.

One use for virtualization is server redundancy. For example, if a virtual server dies because the physical computer hardware has developed a problem, you can either restore that virtual server to another physical computer or have a virtual server clone on another physical computer ready to go.

Another use for virtualization is for organizations that have a central location with several remote locations. The computer workstations at the remote sites can be virtualized computers housed at the central location. If a problem develops with a user’s virtualized computer, the IT staff can access it at the central location without traveling or connecting to it remotely.

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