Security and Protection

Network security is a critical, but often neglected aspect of IT operations. Almost every business network has security issues and vulnerabilities, do you know what yours are? Can you afford the loss of data, the loss of productivity or damage to your company’s image because of a computer virus attack, a hardware failure or the destructive actions of an employee or outside person? Securing and protecting your network, your data and your applications is more than just a firewall and a virus scanner; it’s about comprehensive backups and retention, server imaging, redundant drives and systems, properly configured firewalls, properly configured anti-malware systems on all levels of the network, access control, user authentication, sensible use of encryption technologies, the ability to recover from disasters as well as a host of other considerations depending on the unique circumstances of your business.

Access Systems is ready to assist you in every aspect of securing and protecting your network. Our certified IT professionals can audit your network systems for vulnerabilities and implement recommended solutions to remedy these problems as well as consult with you concerning IT industry best practices with regard to security and protection.