Employment Philosophy

ASI Employment Philosophy

ASI is a somewhat unstructured environment, which can be uncomfortable to some. Successful staff will figure out what needs to be done, ask to see if their understanding is correct, and then execute their plan. In fact, if we can, we will adjust the ASI organization to fit your particular skill set. Management makes a habit of asking current ASI staff about changes in their areas before making a final decision.

The ability to continue to learn is critical. Business technology is forever changing, and our goal is to keep ahead of our clients so we can advise them. Another key characteristic is being able to ask for help from another ASI staff member or external resources when you need to.

All staff are treated as professionals and are responsible for managing their own activities and time. Managing multiple priorities and tasks is a foregone conclusion.

Because our business is service to clients, good interpersonal skills are important to working with clients, vendors, and other ASI staff.

Enthusiasm and a positive attitude are essential. Happy people make happy clients. No one enjoys or wants to be around dour attitudes.

Our motto is Quality, Timely Support (QTS). Sometimes we fail to achieve the desired level of QTS, but we always strive to improve. Our ultimate goal is to provide the best QTS in East Tennessee.

Base compensation will not put you on easy street at ASI. Only by helping to make ASI grow and flourish will your compensation be what you deserve. ASI shares its good fortune with its staff. If ASI does well, so do you. This is what we call a win-win approach.

If we have to start writing personnel policies to cover your behavior, then you are in the wrong firm.

Have you read all this and are still interested? Then when you respond, please use the words “soar” and “eagle” in the same sentence.