Human Resources


Why consider a Human Resource Management System (HRMS) solution for your organization? Your greatest asset is your employees. Put yourself in control by managing your employee data and providing information to management and employees in a timely manner.

Professionals like you need a comprehensive and robust set of tools to streamline your HR and payroll processes, reduce employee turnover and to meet governmental demands for accountability. Free yourself to accomplish more toward strategic goals and less answering routine questions from employees.

Access Systems provides HRMS software that is designed to be best of breed, and not as an after thought as in many accounting software packages.

Sage Abra by Sage is an industry leader in delivering powerful, easy-to-use human resource and payroll management solutions with over 15,000 installations.

Sage Abra® offers a comprehensive suite of programs to manage human resources effectively and efficiently. This includes payroll processing, recruiting, training, benefits administration, employee self service, and a report writer for those ad hoc reports management always seem to want today. Designed for ease of use, Sage Abra is one of the leading HRMS solutions in the market today, providing you the tools to tackle and manage challenging HR issues. (read more)

Clarity offers a tightly integrated solution based on the latest technology. Clarity is scalable up to large organizations. It is unlikely that you will ever outgrow Clarity Software. In-house and out-sourced versions share the same underlying software foundation.

If you are serious about effectively managing your human resources, let our experienced consultants analyze your organization and policies and recommend the HRMS solution that best fits your needs.